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Privacy Policy & TOS

By using the service, You agree to our Privacy Policy and Tos

Last updated: November 30, 2021


By using this service you agree to abide by the below policies.
Additionally Server Owners/Managers should inform thier members about this policy.

Any exploitation will/may lead to a blacklist.

If you ever disagree with this policy you may stop using the service anytime and automatic data removal will start.
If you the server member do not agree with this policy you may leave the server that uses this service and may stop using the service.

Collected Information

Information stored is properly encrypted.
Stored information contains:

Guild Names & IDs
Channel IDs
Role IDs
User Names & IDs
Message Data

How we use this data?

The name and ID is used to create a database entry for your server. This allows you to setup your logbooks and more.
Only ID is used to setup channels for logbooks, welcoming and goodbye channels.
Your username/tag and ID is used to create a database entry for yourself. This allows you to use the bot's features as currency, profies, and afk status.
Your message data is used for the bot's message logging system. This data is used at the server's discretion.

How long do we store your data?

Listed below is the time periods data will be automatically removed if it hasn't been touched.

Guild Configurations 14 days
User Cash 30 Days

Who do we share the data with?

Only the developer(s) for the services have access to the information and is NEVER given out to third parties, unless ordered by law.

Questions, Concerns and Data Removal

Join the support server for questions, concerns, or removal requests.

Thanks for using the bot!

Join the support server to request a feature or to report a bug.